Little Known Fact…

I was engaged to be married while living in the Philippines to a Chinese man… but then found out he cheated on me to get on a local reality TV show 😒… and a popular local LGBTQ magazine used me to make it happen (gay men can be pure evil sometimes), being so embarrassed, I vowed to never go back to that lost but beautiful country. You are more likely to be screwed over in #Makati if you’re a foreigner, and lord I was not prepared… I hated it there.

My new clients where elsewhere so post break up I made the logical choice to celebrate being newly single by blindly moving to China. I reached out to ad agencies and thankfully was connected to a manager and a beautiful contract that involved an awesome apartment in the heart of Shanghai.

I knew no one.. but I knew my life where to have a true beginning here.

A place where I was able to figure out who I was and how I fit in the world.

… where I began to make genuine and intentional friendships. Speaking new languages and new ideas.

…where I began to take my power back.

A new chapter filled with so much opportunity.

And I took advantage of those opportunities… so much of new life was experienced in the East for many years
… so many new stories! I fell deeply for China and their people  ❤ a government that actually made an effort to build trust and care for their people.

Their culture.

Their history.

Honest of their shortcomings and confident in building a new Chinese dream.

Then the world changed in 2020…

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My favorite but toughest part of my past..

After my traumatic experience with my colleagues in London, I moved to California to kill myself. Thankfully at the same time I was introduced to #ayahuasca by a friend on the east coast. After some revelations brought on by the medicine, I bought myself a Jeep. Moved to Maine to grow legal cannabis and lived of the land. I went no contact with everyone. No phones or internet either. Complete isolation.

I realized the people I called my friends where just ambitious players in the drama called my life. They were everything to me, my chosen family, but I was nothing to them.. So I prayed and prayed. Ceremony after ceremony for a solution… my entire identity was taken from me…

..finally the answer came in the form of a job offer from the East.

So I said my goodbyes to those that mattered and got ready for the next chapter..

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Working Through Europe

Before I made my move to China I was living in London and working in surrounding countries like Russia, Spain, France, Sweden, etc… I was also signed to @selectmodellondon. Got a lot of experience understanding the in and outs of the industry in the west and how working with celebrities was the only way to add value to your title. Also got to see the corrupt underbelly of how some governments and commercial agencies work… the world can be a sketchy place…yet there’s so much beauty to witness… I must keep going.

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In the Beginning..

I find joy and inspiration connecting and nurturing undiscovered talent ❤ I never get credit but it’s okay, I’m always striving to be better than yesterday. I take it as a great sign when others of similar mind gravitate towards me. I find family through my friendships. I was naïve and clueless back then… looking back on footage I can now see signs of what’s to come… I was just following my heart. It was either that or death. Running away from a violent relationship and home, I dropped everything and moved to NYC with no real plans but to be myself and make it…. and I made it.. it wasn’t what I thought I wanted but I got what I needed… now I know better.

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