Me Philosophy

Me Philosophy 


· Wanting to live a life of peace means being true to yourself. Not just in an esoteric way, but in a real and natural way. We are a walking and breathing organisms that evolved to a point of self reflecting consciousness. In every moment we are consistently experimenting with our own experience. Members of our species are creating technologies and sharing the information with each other just to better understand our own surroundings. Therefore I believe setting up expectations on others, our careers, our futures, our dreams, in anything is unnecessary. Presentation only matters in reference to manipulation. The only thing we can expect to gain in life is experience. Whether its a good one or not, experience is only what gives our lives emotional value. To let go all the bullshit that was fed to you from birth, we must ask ourselves first. What are we? We are Sapiens. Humans. We conveniently call ourselves wise men. With a trend to put ourselves in a place of us verses them. We desire to be above them. We fear to be below them. But as above, so is below. I think what is confusing the human organism, is that there is so many of us. We have infested this planet with our species and we reached a point of needed transformation. Just like how a grasshopper becomes a locust, we must become something more than just human. The first thing we must notice to move forward into the direction of truth, is that we must let go everything that was told to us in our development. As a species of amnesia, no one knows what we’re doing. Man passed down stories, tall tales, of how things should be just help to future generations to have meaning and order. Some even try to take advantage of that power. But in the end, no one knew what they were doing. We still don’t. We are just surviving.


· There’s no such thing as right or wrong. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Compassion and forgiveness is key. Every living creation born under the sun deserves to be loved and cared for. For millennia this planet has evolved to coexist. There has never been a need to create conflict when the universe always works into finding a solution. The earth is in a constant state of reaction. Spinning on a path, a result that came from what one can only assume an intense event of rocks in space crashing into each other. It is egoic to believe that we are a superior species because we have been able to collectively dominate our predators. Living in peace with ourselves means also living in peace with our environment. 


· Speaking is like spell casting. We are injecting ourselves emotionally into other people’s heart and desires. Speaking from our hearts allows others to connect with you on an emotional level that is genuine and achieves the best results in retrieving what you deeply desire. The wishes that we make when we throw a coin into a well of water speaks to a universal truth that our hearts seek a solution to a problem it seems to be having in its environment. There’s truth to the saying “Be careful what you wish for” because it will come true. 


· We are a codependent species. Born fragile and helpless. Compassion has evolved into our DNA for survival. Love is the emotion required to guarantee survival. Societies develop and succeed when there’s barter of information and kindness in the pursuit of the related shared goal of survival. We are a self centered species. Protecting our community meant it went from keeping myself safe, to keeping us safe from them. It’s easy to say that loving yourself is the only way one can truly love others. But what does that mean? Not recognizing love for a lifetime, how does one show it, to oneself? You are asking the impossible of someone. How does someone manifest something they don’t know how to create? With your will. It is true that you will find what you seek. And what you seek will find you. I can’t speak for everyone, but I hope to shed light on those who felt lost like I did. Loving myself means being able to listen. To your body, your heart, to your head. What do you need? Food? A bed? Do you need to go to the gym? Money? A back rub? A friend to talk to? A dog? What you need is important. What you want is just luxury. It’s important to know the difference. All I can say about love is that loving yourself is only possible when you open yourself to being vulnerable and wrong. To being able to ask for help when you need it. And to being able to realize when you’re being the idiot and irresponsible. Learn to love your parents, even if it means at a distance. You don’t have to spend time with a toxic family member just because they are related. Always listen to the children. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They are the newer version of you. Always show love and care to the elders in your neighborhood. They lived their lives and deserve the respect, peace and care. We all would prefer a smooth transition into the next phase of existence. 


· The only way to secure power is to give it away.  

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