NOTES: Traveling through the world is a modern privilege we share being born into this new age. The ability to change locations based on will, on vehicles made for the sky, is a miracle of mankind we cannot let go unnoticed. Ancestors lost lives at the hands of such desires. The inheritance was their need to explore and make connections, at any cost to survive. My thesis? the human subject: Humanoid chimp like creatures.

Photographic Theory 101

To me, the magic of photography is the ability to capture the very moment of your existential crisis.

The photographer, pauses for a fraction of a second, to focus on what he deems to be worthy of peculiar observation.

There is truly beauty in everything, even within yourself. Until you realize that, you can’t be a photographer.

The Philippine Adventures

I made a great friend by the name of Nacho. A sophisticated man with the heart of gold. His roots lay in Madrid. My people? Now are recovering from a destructive hurricane. Or it is a “Typhoon”? Well the definition is based on geography. It’s always about location location.

I moved to the most expensive part of Manila. Makati City, they call it their Manhattan and I can see why. High prices, fast living, awesome museums and great food. Although, I did travel the seas to look for and create my own family. To find my pack. Therefore I’ve been focusing on exploring as much as I can outside the city. Making new friends. Trying new foods. There’s so much to see here in the Philippines!

My best friend, and soul sister, is haphazardly seeing Rio on her own. Loving herself. Healing with their medicines. She reminds me that I need to do the same. Loving myself means doing what is best for my health and my well being. When I look ahead, I see something is pulling me to Asia. Working and living here has felt so good to me. There’s potential. There’s hidden gold.

To overcome and to succeed, we must adapt. Staying in old ways, in old patterns can only last you for so long before it all comes crumbling down. We don’t grow when things are easy. Traditions are great for bridging the past with the now, but traditions can also become a prison with majority opinion. Especially when those traditions hurt people. I say the best thing to do now as a species is to grow. Change is scary, so I surrender. What else can I do?

I’m learning how to sit down, and when to move forward. I’m learning to breathe again. Be in this moment. It’s all we have. Feel safe in knowing that you are here. 

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